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PicEri’s own rebrand

Creator: PicEri Celebrations! 8 years ago, I started PicEri coincidently. By doing branding and website for my previous homebased business, a fitness/slimming studio. Friends and connections requested me to do the same for their ventures. Soon, bigger organisations approached me. “PicEri”? {Eri} my name: Erika {Pic} me, thinking in pictures {the logo} PicEri [...]

Turning wood into useful creations

To me, the word "Momtrepreneur" can be summarised in the name of Verena Read, one of my first PicEri clients. She was born in Argentina as Verena Körte (Spanish), raised in South Africa (German language). She married Terry, making their home language English. Raising her daughter, Mia (12) and son, Joseph (8) to manage [...]

Road to Success for The Learning Initiative

Founder CEO: The Learning Initiative Dr. Ingrid Ahlert approached me five years ago as she needed a website for the new Learning Initiative, a non-profit organisation. The aim is to support children (age 4 & 5) with barriers to learning in disadvantaged communities throughout South Africa.  With a focus on professionalism, following best [...]

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