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Fever Tree Counselling by Inge Harms. Because of her vision, set out below, she needed a Fever tree as her logo. I managed to use the original silhouette of a Fever tree, in a circle – giving it a secure feeling; not fully closed – setting free feeling; ripple lines – the unevenness of life; straight lines – getting back on track.

Inge’s Vision:
The Fevertree grows large and casts a great shade and bountiful food for a multitude of animals surrounding it. When people feel validated, acknowledged and have a purpose in life, they’re able to achieve the unthinkable. In South Africa, we come with a complex and painful history of individual and societal struggle for freedom. As a social worker trained in a developmental model for social work, I passionately believe that growth and development can be enhanced when we create healthy environments where curiosity, enthusiasm and imagination are reintroduced and encouraged.

Inge worked in many different social work settings, NGO’s, school environments and corporate. The one common denominator often recognized is the amount of energy lost to resisting change, be it individual, group, corporate or societal structures. Change is the only reliable constant in life, and if our fears transform into the cornerstones of our resilience and we become brave enough to follow life’s natural flow, we find ourselves gravitating back to a more authentic state of being and become powerful beyond measure.